• Burke Advertising is currently interviewing the following positions:

    Account Manager
    Account Coordinator
    Marketing Assistant
    Traffic Coordinator
    Web Designer / Graphic Designer
    Multimedia Designer

    To apply, please send resume, cover letter and salary requirements to

  • Account ManagerBurke Advertising seeks an Account Manager is responsible for the relationship between the agency and clients. The account manager will generally look after client needs through direct contact, liaison, and the marshalling of agency resources.

    The account manager will be the key, day-to-day agency representative to the client and will maintain a highly responsive service orientation in all transactions. They must be knowledgeable in both the client’s business and the agency business.

    The account manager reviews all creative concepts to confirm whether they meet strategic goals before delivery to the client and Creative Director for approval.

    The account manager needs strong verbal and written communications skills; a capability for analytical thinking; a sense of entrepreneurship; dynamic presentation skills; personal organization; and interpersonal skills.

    The account manager must be resilient and positive in difficult situations.

    •  Maintains direct, day-to-day, senior level client contact.
    •  Works in a proactive manner to provide client marketing plans with the greatest amount of added value through communications.
    •  Writes client briefings.
    •  Be flexible, and able to solve problems.
    •  Flourish when working within a team of different people.
    •  Be able to juggle competing demands from clients and the agency.
    •  Briefs creative and media staff to support all members of account services team.
    •  Ensures technical and product representations are appropriate.
    •  Provides creative, production, media, and public relations department personnel with well-documented input, support data and production materials as required
    •  Ensures that advertising strategies are clearly defined, approved by clients, and understood by the creative team.
    •  Provides clients with budget updates.
    •  Keeps apprised of all relevant client, industry and market developments.
    •  Coordinates and authorizes quotations for client approval.
    •  Assists in preparation of client invoices.
    •  Liaises with all personnel and other non-creative freelance resources.
    •  Ensures prompt collection of accounts receivable.
    •  Implements credit checks where necessary.
    •  Fosters development and gainful employment of junior account service staff where appropriate.
    •  Coordinates project timing and budgets with all relevant agency personnel.
    •  Writes Client Contact Reports; reviews important developments with client services team.
    •  Prepares month-end overviews of client’s current activities, and monthly revenue forecasts, plus plans for future development of accounts.
    •  Seeks out new business opportunities with new and existing clients and plays a supportive role in their development.
    •  Represents the agency at industry functions—promotes the agency at every opportunity. Is fully familiar with agency credentials and specialties.
    •  Continuously works to upgrade knowledge and skills through available reading, courses and seminars.
    •  Is organized, with strong attention to detail and time management skills.
    •  Is persuasive, able to sell work and ideas, and respond positively to feedback.
    •  Ensures that project deadlines and budgets are met, communicating and seeking approval of any changes to these.
    •  Identifies ways to grow client accounts through new business opportunities.
    •  Keeps the team and the client up to date with useful knowledge.
    •  Maintains accurate records of meetings, decisions and next actions.
    •  Works with the finance team or department to manage projects budgets and bookkeeping.

    TO APPLY: Please send resume, cover letter and salary requirements to

    Account Coordinator Burke Advertising seeks an Account Coordinator to provide assistance to the account management, clients, media and vendors.

    •  Provides administrative assistance to account executives, and account manager on day-to-day client activities, including responding to client phone calls, emails, and faxes, handling mail/packages, production and creative deadlines, media placements, etc., to ensure continued progress of client workflow in the absence of the assigned account executive.

    •  Stays aware of client activities to provide backup when account executives are unavailable.

    •  Gathers and assembles background information and analyses as needed by account manager in development of briefs, etc.

    •  Provides input in planning stages as requested by account executives or production manager. Assists in mailings, processing final copy, agendas, conference reports, proposals, correspondence and other materials related to account service (except billing, production quotes/purchase orders, media plans), and preparing the above for client presentations.

    •  Handles paperwork and maintains digital and hard copy files on all client activities, their competitors and their industries; maintains client correspondence file, approvals, copy, forms/documents, supplies for daily processing and tracking of account service work, etc.

    •  Maintains client reference notebooks and/or digital archives for all assigned accounts, detailing past work and work-in-progress, and all pertinent information needed for accurate proofreading and meeting of client standards.

    •  By account executive request, takes minutes at meetings, prepares and distributes contact reports (call reports), etc.

    •  Makes sure all media and projects proceed according to plan and deadlines, drawing attention of account executives to potential problems before they occur.

    •  Proofreads copy, artwork, agency and printers’ proofs as requested; sees that all work completes the standard agency approval process before being reviewed by clients or turned over to suppliers.

    •  Handles and distributes client mail to assigned account executives and acts as host for visiting clients.

    TO APPLY: Please send resume, cover letter and salary requirements to

  • Marketing Assistant

    Burke Advertising seeks a full time Marketing Assistant to provide support to all staff members and departments. The successful candidate will demonstrate exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

    The duties include client relations, vendor relations, general research and some clerical duties.

    The individual must be self-motivated, organized and have the ability to successfully multitask under pressure. The Marketing Assistant projects a professional company image through in-person and phone interaction.

    Responsibilities include but will not be limited to:

    •  Provide status reports to management on all client activities
    •  Set up and coordinate meetings and conferences
    •  Support staff in assigned project-based work
    •  Researching and purchasing of advertising in all media
    •  Coordination of marketing for print, television, radio and web
    •  Develop content for e-marketing/internet marketing services
    •  Create and modify documents using Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint
    •  Contact and conduct initial and follow-up meetings with clients and vendors
    •  General clerical duties including but not limited to: photocopying, mailing, filing
    •  Preparation of sales proposals and presentations
    •  Assist in or oversee generation of media and client invoices

    TO APPLY: Please send resume, cover letter and salary requirements to

    Traffic Coordinator

    Burke Advertising seeks a Traffic Coordinator who will provide support to our team members and communicates with clients and vendors.

    The individual must be self-motivated and organized. They must have the ability to successfully multi-task under pressure.

    •  Reviewing and signing off on media schedules
    •  Coordinates social media plans in conjunction with the team
    •  Prepares production estimates based on briefings from account services department
    •  Issues purchase orders for all outside media buys for client projects
    •  Implements and manages digital media campaigns
    •  Review competitor sites and report findings on a quarterly basis
    •  Responsible for the management of client projects and tasks
    •  Support account services and creative departments as needed
    •  Supervises work done by suppliers (printers, vendors, etc.)
    •  Proofreading ad copy, writing body copy for established campaigns
    •  Makes sure all material is properly signed off as approved by Account Manager and Client
    •  Coordinates with account services to be sure publication material deadlines are met
    •  Follows up with suppliers to be sure they will meet promised delivery dates
    •  Checks invoices and settles billing discrepancies with suppliers
    •  Maintains contact with suppliers.

    In addition to these typical duties, may perform other duties as assigned and required.

    Job Type: Full-time

    TO APPLY: Please send resume, cover letter and salary requirements to

    Web Designer / Graphic Designer

    Burke Advertising is seeking a Web Designer / Graphic Designer for full time employment at our Bedford, New Hampshire office.

    Key Responsibilities: The designer will work with our team to design and create marketing materials to be presented via print and electronic media. This includes websites, online ad campaigns, direct mail, brochures, print ads, logos, and other promotional materials. This position requires a creative, self-motivated team player. The successful candidate will need to have the ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline oriented environment. The candidate should be able to work with a team and independently.

    Candidate needs to be proficient in some of the following programs:
    •  Photoshop
    •  InDesign
    •  Dreamweaver
    •  Illustrator
    •  Premiere
    •  After Effects

    TO APPLY: Please send resume, cover letter and salary requirements to

    Multimedia Designer

    Burke Advertising is seeking a Multimedia Designer for a full or part-time position at our Bedford, New Hampshire office. We are a twenty-plus year old agency with a diverse group of clients that will allow the right candidate to show off their talents.

    Key Responsibilities: The designer will work with our client services team to create long and short form video projects. This may include television commercials, video brochures, web design graphics and other promotional materials.

    Skills Required: This position requires a creative, self-motivated team player. The successful candidate will need the ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline oriented environment, with a team and independently.

    Candidate needs to be proficient in some of the following programs:
    •  Premiere
    •  After Effects
    •  Photoshop
    •  Dreamweaver (or web design program)

    Experience in the following programs is a plus:
    •  InDesign
    •  Illustrator

    TO APPLY: Please send resume, cover letter and salary requirements to