• Video ProductionThe 30-second TV spot has been the centerpiece of advertising for the last 40 years. Guess what? Despite popular belief, it’s still effective!

    But there are so many more uses for video now, such as online video ads, video brochures, training videos, or your own YouTube presence.

    Burke Advertising will outline your message, craft scripts, develop storyboards, and help you visualize the message before it is shot. From there, we’ll move into production mode – coordinating talent, scheduling crews and directing your shoot. In post-production, that’s when we make the magic happen.

    Whether it’s cable, broadcast television, or online that you’re aiming for, we can make it happen for less than you may think. You can reach the consumers you need to reach by choosing the appropriate channels, times, and programming to match your market.

    Video Slices™Burke Advertising's Video Slices™ is our specialty video service optimized for social media platforms. We offer quick production turnaround for these semi-custom video projects to get your campaign to your followers and prospective leads. Call Burke Advertising today for more information on Video Slices™.

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